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Online Criminal Justice Degrees Ranked

Jan 31st, 2007
Online Criminal Justice Degrees Ranked

If you're pursuing an online degree in legal studies or criminal justice, you may be interested in the results of this survey:, LLC,, has released their national rankings of online colleges that offer degree majors in criminal justice, law and legal studies. The college rankings are based on a survey of 26 regionally accredited universities that offer distance master degrees in justice studies.

The University of North Carolina Pembroke ranks number one on's Best Buy list for their distance master's in public administration with concentrations in criminal justice or emergency management. State residents will pay a remarkably low rate of about $3,925 for the entire distance master's while non-residents can expect to pay significantly more ($21,898).

East Carolina University ranked number two at $4,290 (NC); $14,781 (Others), with Troy University of Alabama taking the number three spot at $5,190 for all online degree seekers regardless of their state of residency.

By comparison, the average cost for a distance master's in this career area came in at just over $13,000.

Drexel University Unveils New Psychology Program

Jan 31st, 2007
Drexel University Unveils New Psychology Program

Good news for all you aspiring Freuds out there: you have another online option in pursuing a degree in psychology, thanks to Drexel University.

The new online Bachelor of Science in Psychology will teach students how to frame questions and discover useful answers regarding human behavior, cognition and emotion. Skills acquired in this program include research methods, statistics, critical evaluation and an understanding of the practical applications of psychological science.

Psychology seeks the answers to a broad variety of questions regarding brain and behavior. These questions range from the biological basis of cognition and brain function through psychological and social factors that play a role in development, health, rehabilitation, and everyday living.

Like Drexel's other online degree programs, this fully-accredited online degree in psychology is offered entirely online, and is intended for working professionals. Students will have 24/7 online access to class materials, group discussion, instructor feedback and exams.

Easing Nursing Shortage With Online Degrees

Jan 30th, 2007
Easing Nursing Shortage With Online Degrees

The absence from a college classroom doesn't mean you wouldn't want to be there. It often means you just can't be. But what if you want to pursue a degree? What if your community NEEDS you to get that degree?

Nursing students in the Caribbean can pursue their studies via a new distance learning program with a Canadian university that aims to reduce the region's nursing shortage, officials said Saturday.

The program, a collaboration between Toronto's Ryerson University and the University of the West Indies' Mona campus in Jamaica, hopes to combat a nursing shortage aggravated by emigration and a lack of access to education, said Ryerson chancellor Raymond Chang.

Examining Online Degrees

Jan 30th, 2007
Examining Online Degrees

If you have questions about the validity of online degrees, and how to spot the real thing, this article is quite helpful.

10 signs your degree is fake

Use these tips for identifying so-called "degree mills."

1. Your chosen university is not accredited.

2. Your chosen university is accredited but not by an agency recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation, Internet degree mills are "accredited" by bogus agencies that they themselves have created. These bogus accrediting agencies often have prestigious sounding names.

3. Admission criteria consist entirely of possession of a valid Visa or MasterCard. Previous academic record, grade-point average and test scores are deemed irrelevant.

Employers Wary Of Some Online Colleges

Jan 30th, 2007
Employers Wary Of Some Online Colleges

In the never-ending struggle to end the stigma associated with online degrees, it's important to decry the 'fakes' and proclaim the benefits of the 'real deal.' This article does just that, with an emphasis on information, and the feelings of, employers of online degree holders.

Online Universities are more popular than ever, but recruiters say they may not be worth a person's time.

"Employers do not give much credence to online degrees, especially those with questionable certifications. … [They] aren't worth the cost of the stamp," said Washington state-based career counselor Robin Ryan, the author of "Winning Resumes."

Sponsored Post: Join the Argosy University Community

Jan 30th, 2007
Sponsored Post: Join the Argosy University Community

With today's fast-paced world we live in, it is difficult, sometimes impossible to squeeze in everything we want and need to do. And, that includes getting an education to further our career. There are only 24 hours in a day, and that just isn't enough sometimes. This is one reason distance learning has become so popular in academia, even necessary. Argosy University understands this:

With all of the benefits an online education offers, it's no wonder that many of today's students are going the non-traditional route when it comes to earning their degree. Online education offers the convenience of attending class anytime, anywhere – allowing students to continue working full-time as they pursue other important things.

A graduate school offering programs in Education, Psychology and Business, Argosy University
not only offers the convenience of online degree programs, but also something that is just as crucial to the online learning experience – a fully supportive and interactive academic environment.

This support comes in the form of Argosy University's networking groups, 24-hour classroom technical support, career services, professional networking, on-demand tutoring, online libraries and bookstores and student organizations. Students are assigned an academic advisor and mentor professor and have plenty of two-way communication with faculty and other students, just as students would expect in a live classroom setting. Students also experience active learning through Argosy University's multiple interactive methods such as text, video, animation and live chats.

Argosy University, which is geared toward graduate level education, proudly supports one of the largest communities of graduate student in the nation. When students enroll, they join a community of adults that want to expand their knowledge, build on their expertise and advance their career.

Argosy's flexible online programs are taught by seasoned faculty members in a small class setting. The University offers a professional education that includes Master's and Doctorate programs in Educational and Instructional Leadership, and Business Administration; Doctorate programs in Organizational Leadership and Counseling psychology; and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology.

Built on a rich academic heritage, Argosy University was formed by the combination of three diverse schools: American Schools of Professional Psychology, the Medical Institute of Minnesota and the University of Sarasota. This combination created a unique learning environment that continues today, both in Argosy University's campuses and within their online programs.

Sponsored by Argosy University

Advice On Online Degrees

Jan 29th, 2007
Advice On Online Degrees

This is a nice posting on a family-centered blog, with tidbits of how to prepare, and what to expect, when pursuing an online degree. You may find it helpful.

Typically universities attract and accommodate students ages 18 to 22. Often times older adults may feel out of place in this atmosphere. Thus an online degree program gives the flexibility and comfort for both adults and working moms. Those with jobs often turn to online degree programs because of their rigid work schedules. This flexibility does not equate to laziness, however. The working student is still responsible for all class work and tests.

Should ‘Life Experience’ Degrees Be Taken Seriously?

Jan 29th, 2007
Should 'Life Experience' Degrees Be Taken Seriously?

A lot of people say no. And furthermore, they feel that degrees awarded fully or partially on 'life experience' devalue 'real' online degrees. With diploma mills already harming the online education industry, we don't need any more doubt.

The Web site for Ashwood University makes earning a college degree sound so simple.

"No need to study," it proclaims. "Receive a college degree for what you already know!"

Similar sites stress "life experience" and proclaim, "Get your college degree within nine days!"

It's the latest rage in the ever-growing world of online education, where all you need to obtain that college degree is an Internet connection, a few minutes and a credit card.

Web sites for obscure schools offer degrees based solely on your personal and professional lives. Transcripts and verification services are available, too.

Experts said there could be as many as 2,000 entities worldwide issuing life-experience degrees that are virtually worthless.

"This is a serious problem," said Judith Eaton, president of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. "And the level of attention and concern is rising.

What do you think: does life experience deserve recognition, or does hitting the books make the real difference?

Popularity Of Online Degrees Soars…And Soars

Jan 26th, 2007
Popularity Of Online Degrees Soars...And Soars

There's no arguing with progress. Naysayers of online degrees…well, don't have much to say anymore. People are flocking to the option in record masses.

Online education is a $10-billion-a-year industry, up from $2.5 billion in 2004, according to the Postsecondary Education Factbook that includes information from Eduventures, an education consulting and marketing firm.

Enrollment for online courses is projected to reach about 1.7 million U.S. students this year, more than three times those enrolled in 2002.

The number of online students represents nearly 10% of total students enrolled in postsecondary education nationwide, according to the reference book, released in fall 2006.

The University of Phoenix became the nation's first university to offer an online education in 1989.

As the number of people pursuing degrees continues to grow, university officials expect to see new online degree-granting facilities open.

"Online education is an effective way to provide additional academic support," says Bill Pepicello, president of the University of Phoenix. "Some of the large land-grant universities will retool themselves to get in the online arena."

The online university has been successful because it has taken access to education to levels that a traditional experience can't provide. Nearly 300,000 students are enrolled either online or at one of the 191 University of Phoenix locations in North America and Europe, university officials say.

Onward and upward.

An Online Degree Will Improve Your Life

Jan 24th, 2007
An Online Degree Will Improve Your Life

There's a reason so many people are pursuing online degrees these days: along with convenience, it's an opportunity to greatly improve your income and career potential.

Whether you have an interest in law, accounting or health care you are bound to find the perfect course for you. And most accredited online college degree course can be found at the bachelor, associate and graduate levels. Therefore, no level of education is out of reach.

One of the major costs in attending school is the textbooks. After a full program, you would normally have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on textbooks alone. Not the mention the cost of tuition.

Many accredited online college degree programs include the cost of the textbooks in the tuition. Well balancing a work life and a school life, every penny saved adds up in the end.

One of the best features of any online learning program is that it suits your schedule. You can learn and study any time of the day and on any day. This is a great benefit for those who wish to continue working full-time and earning their degrees in the evenings.

The appeal of learning online is being realized by more people every day. The sheer convenience is reason enough to motivate you to earn the degree that will land you your dream job. So, make that dream a reality with one of the many accredited online college degree programs.

When did you decide to improve your life with an online degree?